Currently, DISCERN is working on three separate projects:

1)   During 2010 DISCERN has conducted a nationwide fieldwork consisting of 783 one-to-one in-depth questionnaire on the theme ‘Seeking Faith’, all the data has been processed using SPSS. This project is at the write-up stage. (The publication date of this study is still to be announced).
2)   During 2010 DISCERN has analyzed major events that occurred in the Maltese Society during this particular year, using news published in at least 10 local newspapers. These events were categorized amongst other under a number of social themes such as religion, crime and deviance, employment, environment, politics, health, transport and traffics . This study is intended to portray a socio-cultural snapshot of the Maltese Society in the 1st year of the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium through newspapers analysis. This study is due to be published later this year.
3)   At the beginning of 2011 DISCERN has been entrusted by the ‘Young Christian Workers’ to conduct a nationwide study on youth in Malta. This is the first study of its type and the fieldwork mainly consists of 400 one-to-one in-depth questionnaire, 16 Focus Groups and 20 in-depth interviews. This study’s final report is intended to be finalized by the end of this year.

To achieve its aims, DISCERN seeks to monitor contemporary changes and developments both in the world and in the Church by initiating and developing research and other services to address important pastoral priorities, especially those related to faith and culture.

Social Studies

DISCERN has undertaken a series of studies to assess the social problems being faced by the Maltese community. The results have been published either as formal or as internal reports.

Front Page Watch – Maltese Newspapers

This project involves the regular analysis of the stories appearing in the front-page of Maltese Newspapers. The analysis was published weekly in the newspaper Il-Gensillum. The analysis ran from October 2001 – August 2003.

Omnibus Surveys

These are a series of telephone surveys performed on a randomly-chosen population to serve as a regular gauge of public opinion in Malta, especially as regards matters which are of interest to the Church’s ministry. The surveys were initiated in May 2002. The reports are made available for restricted circulation. Other detailed social studies were extracted from these surveys.

Commissioned Surveys

DISCERN has also undertaken a number of surveys commissioned by individuals or groups. The results are published as reports to the commissioning agency.

  • Towards a Healthy Marriage – A study commissioned by Caritas [Malta], Cana movement, and Diocesan Commision of the family
  •   Sunday Mass Attendance Census – 2005
  • A Survey of the Clergy’s and Public’s view on the Sunday Mass homily
  • Marsascala Parish: General Social Census
  • Public Awareness about FORUM
  • Mtarfa Parish: Sunday Mass Attendance Census
  • Ghaxaq Parish: Sunday Mass Attendance Census

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