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DISCERN is a non-profit organization mainly funded by the Archdiocese of Malta. Because of its myriad financial commitments, the Archdiocese cannot provide all the necessary funds. Much more funds are needed if DISCERN is to attain its potential and fulfil its important mission of research and outreach.Therefore, its development depends much on the donations of funds, goods, and services made available by several motivated people. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

What can you do for DISCERN?

Here is a prioritised list of the volunteer opportunities at DISCERN:
E-mail us if you are interested in volunteering your services!

Alternatively, support DISCERN financially by joining "Friends of DISCERN"

The Friends of DISCERN comprises a wide network of people and organisations interested in helping the Institute and supporting its many activities during the year. The Friends of DISCERN understand the importance of recognizing donor and volunteer contributions. Hence, the Friends will receive a bi-yearly newsletter and an Annual Report of Activities and Accounts. Besides this, they will be personally invited to attend:

The Friends of DISCERN is chaired by the Co-ordinator of the Financial Support Services. The latter will also fix a minimal annual subscription-donation. The Friends of DISCERN acknowledges and issues a receipt for all donations.

The current annual subscription-donation is set at:
E-mail us if you are interested in volunteering your services!